Best 10+ Yo Whatsapp Themes Download for FREE (2024)

Yo Whatsapp Themes Download: In this article, we are going to give you how to download Yo WhatsApp themes and more information about Yo WhatsApp. Yo WhatsApp is a mod app application that you can download only from Google because it is a third-party app that is not available on the Play Store. We will also tell you how you can download this app from Google and use it very easily. People like this WhatsApp very much because it has a lot of privacy.

Yo WhatsApp is a mod app that is much different than normal WhatsApp So the features of this application and its privacy settings are also quite different. We are going to give you information related to how you can download its theme. Which will be very useful for you and you can also change its theme very easily. Also, let me tell you some important information, if you want to use WhatsApp on your phone, then your Android system should be more than 4.4.

Yo Whatsapp Themes Download If you use normal WhatsApp then themes are limited but if you use your WhatsApp application then you will get many themes in WhatsApp that you can customize as per your requirements. If you do not know much about Yo WhatsApp, then we will tell you how you can install this application. We are going to tell you more about it further, so stay connected with us till the end.

Yo Whatsapp Themes Download

Now we are going to tell you about Yo Whatsapp Themes Download, which you should read very carefully. If you also want to download a good theme for your WhatsApp but do not know properly about it, then we will tell you. To download themes, first, you have to go to your Chrome browser. By the way, we have given a button above, on clicking you will reach the home page of the theme website.

After opening the website, you will get to see many themes. After that, whatever theme you like, you have to download it. After downloading the theme, you have to go back to your Yo WhatsApp. After coming back to WhatsApp, you have to go to the theme option in Settings and open that option. There will also be an option named Load Theme, you have to click on that option. Then you have to change it to the loaded theme of your WhatsApp from the theme downloaded from Google. After converting, the theme of your WhatsApp interface will change.

Below we have given some special themes for you, by clicking on the link you can easily download the theme.

1IOS White Blue Theme For YOWhatsAppClick Here
2Light IOS Theme For YOWhatsAppClick Here
3IOS White Pink Theme For YOWhatsAppClick Here
4Dark Face v1 Theme For YOWhatsApp Click Here
5Spider Man v3 Dark Theme For YOWhatsApp Click Here
6Dark Special Theme For YOWhatsApp Click Here
7Instagram Dark Theme For YOWhatsApp Click Here
8Dark Theme For YOWhatsApp Click Here
9Spiderman Dark Black Theme For YOWhatsAppClick Here
10Dark 3 Theme For YOWhatsAppClick Here
The above link is not just for Yo WhatsApp, but you can use these themes in GB WhatsApp or any other app.

Yo Whatsapp Features

Anti-Delete Messages

When someone deletes messages from a chat in the original WhatsApp, you won’t be able to see it. However, Yo WhatsApp gives you the freedom to read deleted messages also. Therefore, no message can remain unnoticed by you. Be it text, images, videos, or much more, you will be able to see everything. Which is a great feature of WhatsApp.


You get more than 4000 themes on WhatsApp. This theme is very wonderful. You can customize it as per your wish so that the theme will be as per your choice and will also look very attractive. You can also change your home page, conversation screen, text tab, background, text color, tick style, background color, and much more. You can find these options in the app’s settings.

Hide last seen, double tick, blue tick

Unlike the original WhatsApp, you can hide your Last Seen, Double Tick, and Blue Tick from other users. So no one knows when you are online or whether you are receiving messages or not. These features come in handy when you don’t want others to know whether you are using the app or not. And in this, you can also hide your online option so that no one will know whether you are online or not.

Send a message to the unsaved number

There is a very special option in WhatsApp in which you do not need to save the number to send messages. The app comes with an in-built feature where you can just type the number enter the chat box and then send the message. With this, you do not need to save the number

Send Long Videos

When you download Yo WhatsApp, you get the option to send longer videos than the limit. The maximum video size you can send with this app is 700 MB. You will not see this feature in normal WhatsApp. This option of WhatsApp is also very good.

Deleted Stories

In this WhatsApp, just like the deleted messages, you can also see the deleted stories on Yo WhatsApp. The story will disappear from others’ screens but will remain the same for you. This means that if any person deletes his/her status after posting it, it will still be visible to you.

Last seen Freeze

There is an option on WhatsApp that lets you freeze your last seen. This means that even if you are online, your last view will show some older time. This means that if you have frozen your last seen at 5 o’clock, it will always show the last seen at 5 o’clock to other people.

Download Status

Official WhatsApp does not give you the option to save or download someone’s story but with Yo WhatsApp you can do that. There’s a save icon at the bottom of the Story screen. You just have to tap on it and it will be saved in your gallery.

Block persons from calling

You can block a specific person from calling you on WhatsApp. However, this will not stop them from sending messages.

DND Mode

YoWhatsApp includes a DND mode that allows users to mute notifications for specific chats or the entire app. Now you can enjoy your privacy time without any hassle, No third-party app is required – Unlike regular WhatsApp, you don’t need a separate app for locking, DND mode, or extra security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que1- What is the difference between WhatsApp and YoWhatsApp?

Ans1– YoWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular messaging application WhatsApp. It is an unofficial application that offers users additional features that are not available in the original WhatsApp application. YoWhatsApp is developed by a third-party developer and is not officially recognized by WhatsApp Inc.

Que1- Which WhatsApp is best and safe?

Ans- Of course, original WhatsApp is best for privacy. Always Download WhatsApp from the Google Play Store iOS Store or your inbuilt phone store.

Que1- Why do people use modded WhatsApp?

Ans- These apps clone the official WhatsApp versions but then use their own developers to roll out features that the official apps don’t offer. The promise is that you get more features on WhatsApp and on WhatsApp Business than on the official apps and at no extra cost.


In this article, we have given you as much information as possible about Yo Whatsapp Themes Download, we hope that you have liked this article. If you also want to use WhatsApp full of privacy, then download Yo WhatsApp immediately. If you want any information about this WhatsApp, then you can tell us by commenting, and we will give the solution to your problem. We write about important apps on our website. Even before this, we have written many important articles on our website. Our articles are very important for people.

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